Annual Professional and Premium Subscriptions to VOSON are now available

We've been very fortunate to continue to offer VOSON access as both free and paid subscription products over the past two years, and we've listened to our users regarding their suggestions and comments for continuing to improve the VOSON experience.

One repeated suggestion that we're happy to now offer is the ability to purchase one-year access to VOSON, rather than month-to-month. Thus, we've renamed our previous Professional and Premium Tier subscriptions to Monthly Professional and Monthly Premium, respectively (yes, we're just that original ), and we're introducing the new Annual Professional and Annual Premium Tier subscriptions.

We hope you find the convenience of purchasing a subscription for a one-year period helpful when deciding how VOSON fits your needs. And as an added incentive, the Annual Tiers have a 10% discount over the Monthly Tier equivalent! For example, 12 months of Monthly Professional is $20 x 12 = $240, while the cost of an Annual Professional Tier subscription is just $216 (prices in USD).

You can see the new Annual subscriptions—and select whichever subscription, Monthly or Annual, that's best for you—on the pricing page. And further information about Annual subscriptions is now available on the FAQ page. Happy Crawling!

-- The Uberlink Team