When I try to import my network into NodeXL it fails with message like "Couldn't execute statement at /var/www/voson/cgi-bin/webmining/VOSON_DB.pm line 188"

  • anon


    This problem is occurring because you are trying to import the voson database into NodeXL, but you can only import the voson-analysis database.

    The problem is mentioned on the following page: http://uberlink.com/service-status, where it says:


    There are two types of databases: "voson" (you add seed sites to this and all the raw data is stored in it) and "voson-analysis" (you do your analysis e.g. draw maps using this). In the VOSON web app, these databases are distinguished in a column in the "Show Databases" window, but in VOSON+NodeXL there is no column showing whether a database is a voson or voson-analysis database. So, you need to remember that when you create a new database, that is the voson database. When you want to add seed sites to it, you select it and then press the "add seed sites" button. If you try to import a voson database into NodeXL it will not work! Once the crawl has finished, you will see newly created databases with "AN" appended to the name - these are the voson-analysis databases, and they can be imported into NodeXL (but you can't add more seed sites to them!).



    Dec 09, 2014