I am trying to make this work, but looks like there is no way. I have Nodexl Pro, I installed the Voson web importer, but when I try to search something in the "search" line I receive this message:

"Failed to locate method (searchforseeds_backend_uberlink) in class (vosondata2) at /usr/share/perl5/SOAP/lite.pm/ line 2837"

So is Voson actually useless?

thank you



  • anon


    In the time since you wrote your comment, I note from the VOSON logs that you have been able to successfully run a crawl using VOSON+NodeXL.

    So, the answer to your last question is: evidently not.

    However, I will say this:

    - the "search for seeds" function is disabled on both VOSON and VOSON+NodeXL, as mentioned here:  http://uberlink.com/service-status

    - "search for seeds" does not fail gracefully in VOSON+NodeXL, hence the error message you saw.  

    I recommend that you use the VOSON web app (https://voson.uberlink.com) rather than VOSON+NodeXL.  VOSON+NodeXL is an old client and we do not plan to update it.  It does not have all the features that are in the VOSON web app.  From the VOSON web app, you can export graphml files and import them into NodeXL.  Hence VOSON+NodeXL is not actually required, and you would be better off using the web app.

    Thank you for your interest in VOSON


    Uberlink Team

    Oct 29, 2015