We received he following query via support email (edited):

The user gets a warning message when logging into VOSON, regarding the number of databases in her VOSON account.

Our answer was (edited):

Through checking the system, we realized the number of databases in her account was higher (75) than the maximum allowed by the Free Tier (10 max.).

The implications of having more databases if, for example, a former Premium or Professional user donwgrades to the Free Tier, are that users are not able to use any of the analytical tools (e.g. network visualization) and/or to run any new crawls.

Note that users are still able to load up databases, and export them (e.g. to graphml, or csv). So, in order to fix that issue, users can archive databases in exporting formats (graph/csv), delete some databases or upgrade to a VOSON tier that accommodates those databases.