A VOSON user asked the following question via Uberlink support:


I am a first time user of your software and I have some concerns about a crawl that I recently tried to initiate. After clicking the "Ready to Crawl" button I received a summary of my "VOSON Activity Unit Estimate" and it indicated that my estimated deficit after my crawl would be -215.5. Does this mean that my crawl will not initiate unless I set more strict parameters?


The answer given:

Yes you are correct: if the VOSON Activity Units (VAU) accounting dialogue on the "add seed sites" window showed a negative balance when you pressed "ready to crawl", it means that you do not have enough VAU to conduct the crawl.

To run your crawl you need to either modify the crawl parameters or remove seed sites - both can be done via the "add seed sites" window. Another option is to upgrade to VOSON Premium, which has a higher VAU allocation.