This query was submitted via The user inquired whether non-used VAU (including extra VAU purchased via VAU pack) would carry over to the following month. The answer we provided was: At present, VAU credits do not carry over/accumulate after a month period. The model reflects how we purchase our data, for example, inlink data are from a third party and we have a monthly allocation of API hits and they do not carry over. Allocated VAU from VOSON tiers and VAU pack must be used within a month of purchase. If you find your monthly VAU allocation is not sufficient for you to collect the data you need, you may need to upgrade your subscription or plan, which can be done from your Account page. In addition, all Tiers have access to additional VAU in the form of "VAU Packs", which are available from the pricing page or from your Account page. If you are on a Premium Tier subscription or plan and still need more VAU then please contact us.