VOSON in teaching at Northwestern University

The VOSON software suite was used by over 80 students for computer lab exercises in two undergraduate and masters-level courses at Northwestern University: IEMS 341 Social Network Analysis, and MSIA 490 Social Network Analytics.  These courses are taught by Professor Nosh Contractor. Nosh has used VOSON in his teaching at Northwestern since 2010, and we appreciate his continued support!

Please contact us if you would like to use VOSON in your teaching.  We provide discounts for bulk subscriptions for education purposes, and there are major benefits associated with purchasing a bulk subscription for your students:

  • We can bulk create the accounts for you (after being supplied with list of email addresses).  You'll know your students had their accounts activated at the same time, perhaps minimising 'dog ate my homework' situations ;-).
  • The VOSON 2.0 web app version (available with Professional and Premium subscriptions) works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers (we support mac users!).
  • Email support (the free version of VOSON only has support via the forum pages).

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