Today we made a change to VOSON+NodeXL which means that when you import a hyperlink network into NodeXL, the node labels (what is shown in Vertex1 and Vertex2 in the Edges tab) are pagegroups rather than URLs for particular pages.

If you don't know what is meant by a "pagegroup", please see the VOSON documentation here, but briefly, a pagegroup is a collection of web pages from the same website.

If in a database there are more than one web pages from a given pagegroup, then the previous behaviour of VOSON+NodeXL meant that in the network imported into NodeXL the label would be for the first page in the pagegroup.  

For example, if there were the following pages in the database:

then under the default VOSON behaviour these two pages would belong to the same pagegroup:

However with the old behaviour of VOSON+NodeXL, the node would show up as "" when the network was imported into NodeXL.

With this most recent change, the node would show up as ""

Note that this change does not impact on the network structure.

This change should help to avoid some confusion.

Rob Ackland

Uberlink Team