Would Aprreciate if you could help me in finding my databases which apparently are not in my VOSON databases list anymore...
Thank you,

  • anon

    I've looked on the system and your databases are definitely there.
    This problem of  no databases showing in the "Show Databases" window occurs when you haven't successfully logged into VOSON.
    To check whether you are successfully logged in, select the following menu item Info->User
    If you see a blank table (i.e. not showing your username, email address, VOSON tier etc.) then it means that you are not properly logged in.
    What you need to ensure is that you always use the following link to log into VOSON (assuming you are using the web app, and not VOSON+NodeXL): https://voson.uberlink.com
    If you use the link that this resolves to (https://voson.uberlink.com/html_delux/login.php) then you won't correctly log in, and you'll get the problem mentioned above.
    We are going to improve the logging in process so that in the future you should be able to use either links, but for the time being please only use https://voson.uberlink.com

    Jul 27, 2014
  • anon

    very useful to know it!! Thank you

    Jul 30, 2014
  • anon

    I am logged in but cannot get access to my databases.

    Sep 01, 2015
  • anon

    One of the databases you had created ("TutorialAN") was for some reason malformed.  It didn't have any actual data in it, so I deleted it, and now all your other databases are showing.  

    I don't know how this database got malformed.  It may be just a 'once off' problem due to e.g. network drop out.  If this problem happens again, please let us know and we can discuss the database creation workflow to see if any issues there.


    Uberlink Team

    Sep 01, 2015