The following is a summary of emails with a VOSON user.


I´ve got some problems to import data in NodeXL using *Import -> from web
1.0/Blog Network (via VOSON), *but even after checking the possible
solution in I´m
not able to connect. There´s something else I can do? My user is [username supplied].

Thank you very much!

Hello [user]

I noticed that you had tried to log into VOSON@ANU, but your account is
for VOSON@Uberlink. so can you please try again, making sure you select
VOSON@Uberlink in VOSON+NodeXL?

If you have continuing problems, please let me know.

Yes, I´ve tried both. And even after receiving your answer (thanks, by the
way), I tried again with the Uberlink option and it doesn´t work.

Thank you again!
OK, the best thing will be if I log in as you. I will change your
password, and then when I've sorted out what is going on, you can change
it again.

I'll let you know when I've tested this out.

Hi [user],

I just logged into VOSON@Uberlink (both VOSON System and VOSON+NodeXL)
successfully as you.

Are you sure you were using your username ([username]) and not your email
address as the username?

The other thing that might be going wrong is a problem we had with
NodeXL running under WinXP, but if you installed:
/NodeXL_VOSON_Spigot.ver_0-5-4-14.dll - if you use Win7

- if you use WinXP

then you should be OK.

Remember the following installation instructions for VOSON+NodeXL are
slightly different to what they are in the userguide. You need to do
the following:

To install VOSON+NodeXL, you simply need to download the above DLL file
and place it in the following folder (this assumes that you have
installed Excel 2007/2010 on your C drive and you have installed the
latest version of NodeXL, version "C:\Program Files\Social
Media Research Foundation\NodeXL Excel Template\PlugIns". You will then
need to close down NodeXL (if it was running) and restart it. With
earlier versions of NodeXL, you need to place the VOSON+NodeXL DLL in
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Research\Microsoft NodeXL Excel

Finally, can you check if you can login to VOSON System

I had to change your password. It is now:


Once you have successfully got VOSON running you can change it back to
your original password (or not)..


  • anon

    Hi Rob,

    first of all: Thanks a lot for that wonderful tool.

    Unfortunately I have also a problem to import data in NodeXL using *Import -> from web
    1.0/Blog Network (via VOSON). There is always the comment "You are not authenticated".
    I use the same username and passwort that I also need to log in on (it is the same, isn't it?). I am using Windows 7 and I tried to reinstall the software but the same problem occurs again and again.

    Thank you so much,

    Feb 01, 2013
  • anon

    [This was sorted out via email, but here is summary, for benefit of others who might have this problem]

    Thanks for your kind words about VOSON!

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with logging in using VOSON+NodeXL.

    I saw in the log files that you logged into VOSON, but it might have been VOSON System which is the web app versoin (, rather than via VOSON+NodeXL.

    Can you please confirm that you've successfully been able to login to VOSON System? If you can't login to VOSON System then you definitely won't be able to login to VOSON+NodeXL.

    If you can't get into VOSON System, then I can try logging in as you (I will need to change your password).

    If you can login to VOSON System but still getting the 'you are not authenticated message' with VOSON+NodeXL, then we need to first check that you've installed the most recent version It sounds like you have. If you are still having problems I'll have to pass this to one of the Uberlink programmers who works with Windows (its not my forte).

    Feb 02, 2013
  • anon

    Hello employee of VOSON,

    When I try to add seed sites in my network I always have to wait for the approval from the administrator. Is there a way to import sites without waiting for this approval?

    Kind regards,

    Sander van Nuland

    Feb 17, 2013
  • anon


    Crawls typically commence quite soon after you finish entering the seed sites. It does depend on the number of people wanting to run crawls at the time, but I would say that if your crawl hasn't run say within 2 hours of submitting the last seed site, then there is a problem with the crawl.

    Typically this means the user hasn't submitted the seed sites properly (you need to remember to press the "add" button and then close the add seed sites window. In VOSON System you also need to check the "ready to crawl" checkbox, but not in VOSON+NodeXL).

    So, if you've been waiting for longer than say 2 hours and you believe you've submitted the seed sites properly, please contact us directly ( and we can assist.


    Feb 17, 2013
  • anon

    I've tried to login using NodeXL (with user name), but that doesn't seem to work. I managed to log into the Voson System, but I can't add seed sites via search. I added some seed sites manually, but then it is not creating the required analysis database (I've tried creating it without luck). I can't do any analysis.
    I wanted to test out the free version first, but so far nothing seems to be working. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Aug 02, 2013
  • anon

    [follow up on this query was via the Uberlink support channel,]

    Aug 31, 2013
  • anon

    Hi, Under services, it currently says that Voson+NodeXL is no longer operational. Is this the case, or is there a problem with my account. I had a great deal of trouble trying to log in and now that I have logged in, I am still not able to connect using NodeXL and would greatly appreciate your advise. I appreciate your help.

    The following is information on the current status of VOSON services.

    VOSON ( It is currently not possible to search for seed sites.

    VOSON+NodeXL: Not operational.

    Aug 04, 2013
  • anon

    [this login problem was sorted out via direct email communication with the user]

    Aug 31, 2013