• What is VOSON 2.0?

    VOSON 2.0 is the standard user interface to the Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks. The interface provides a superlative user experience for both data collection (webcrawling) and analysis on the one hand and data visualisation on the other.

    From June 1st, 2016 all VOSON Tiers (Free, Professional and Premium) will use the VOSON 2.0 interface.


  • Is VOSON still limited to the Firefox browser?

    No. VOSON is supported for use in Chrome (Desktop), Firefox (Desktop) and Safari (Desktop and Mobile). Although not supported, most functionality will generally be available in Chrome (Mobile) and in Internet Explorer (10+).
  • Is VOSON still a desktop-only web application?

    VOSON has built-in 'responsive' technology for touch devices, and is supported for Mobile Safari (iPad). Future improvements will add Android tablet support (note that VOSON may already work on Android, but some functionality may not be available). Due to the small screen size, we'd recommend against using VOSON on the iPhone.
  • I've used the previous version of VOSON ("VOSON Classic") until now. What's the main difference between this and the VOSON 2.0 interface?

    Most of the improvements in VOSON 2.0 are to increase, rather than decrease, the user's intuitive connection to the application. For example, the new tabbed environment means that windows are no longer floating around--but window order can be rearranged simply by dragging-and-dropping tabs. The tabs are even styled (with tiny 'grab bars') to help suggest this.
  • What about menus?

    The menus haven't changed from the earlier version of VOSON.
  • How about the DataBrowser?

    The DataBrowser in VOSON 2.0 is faster and more intuitive. A search bar allows immediate text searching. Pages can now display more than 10 rows of a database at a time. Columns can be drag-and-dropped, and sorted by clicking upon the sort arrows next to the column titles.
  • Any improvements to maps?

    Yes. In VOSON 2.0 maps can be panned and zoomed using the mouse. Panning is accomplished by clicking and dragging within the map area, while zooming is performed by scrolling with the mouse wheel. On the iPad, multi-touch gestures accomplish the same thing--hold and drag with one finger to pan, and pinch/expand to zoom!
  • Can I still download map figures?

    Yes. Maps may be downloaded in both PNG and SVG formats. Map legends are even downloadable, too.
  • Can I still code categories?

    Yes. The Coding tab has been improved and allows both new category variables and variable labels alike to be defined, renamed or deleted. Changes made show up immediately in the DataBrowser, too.
  • I'm teaching a course and I'd like to use VOSON. Do I need a subscription?

    As educators we're delighted that you're interested in using VOSON for the classroom! We wish that we could offer VOSON free for educational use as we could in the past, but balancing costs and investing in updates and performance improvements has meant that this is currently infeasible . For classroom use a Professional or Premium Tier subscription is required for every individual (i.e. every "seat") using VOSON, including the instructor.

    Uberlink offers educational pricing discounts depending upon the class size:

    • Between 10 and 49 seats: 10% discount;
    • Between 50 and 99 seats: 20% discount;
    • 100 or more seats: 30% discount.
    Please contact us at info@uberlink.com for more information on the educational use of VOSON.
  • Any future plans for VOSON on the horizon?

    VOSON is always changing. We concentrate on our two core principles: delivering a quality VOSON experience and providing outstanding support. Continual improvement of VOSON underscores the former, while leveraging feedback from the latter. Expect regular updates!