VOSON 2.5: Improved workflow and Twitter collection, coming soon!

We will soon be launching VOSON 2.5, a major upgrade to the VOSON interface which incorporates valuable feedback from VOSON users. VOSON 2.5 will be available soon to all users, with the option to extend it to Twitter collection. We are also developing associated documentation and other resources to guide your through the transition. We hope you enjoy it!

VOSON 2.5 features:

  • Twitter network and text (requires subscription upgrade). Collect Twitter networks and text from the real-time stream of tweets matching your search criteria (e.g. hashtag use) over a scheduled time period. VOSON networks are constructed by querying the Twitter Firehose provided GNIP, the official enterprise API platform of Twitter, providing a significant increase in available tweets relative to Twitter's Free Streaming API, which is sampled. VOSON 2.5 creates multiplex networks with three types of edges: reply, mention and retweet.
  • Easier to change edge type (multiplex networks). VOSON has always supported multiplex networks, but VOSON 2.5 greatly simplifies the process of constructing networks with different edge types (e.g. hyperlink/reciprocated hyperlink for Hyperlink networks and reply/mention/retweet for Twitter networks).
  • Simplified workflow. With VOSON 2.5 there is no longer the distinction between voson and voson-analysis databases, making it easier and more efficient to use.
  • More flexibility with database naming. Users were previously limited in terms of database names: names had to be short, only alphanumeric characters allowed (no special characters such as "_" or spaces, and limited foreign language support). With VOSON 2.5 database names can be much longer and can contain special characters and unicode text.
  • VOSON 2.0 features are still available. VOSON features such as network export, node pre-process tools, analysis tools (crosstabs, network network maps and SNA) are all in VOSON 2.5.

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